n.e.r. - Newood east railway

The Minehead Project


You've gotta have a dream - If you wanna have a dream come true!

I have become very interested in the West Somerset Railway. This is a restored or heritage line, formerly part of the G.W.R. (Great Western Railway.) It's located in Somerset, obviously, and presently runs between Bishops Lydeard and Minehead.  Here's a link to the "unofficial WSR website"  Here you will find much information and also a couple of relevant webcams.

So what is my dream? I would love to build a replica of Minehead station in "N" gauge. Above is a track layout which would comfortably fit into my existing space in my Burlington Condo. It is scaled to accommodate 7+ coach trains (seems to be the normal on the WSR) and closely follows the official layout plan as at around the early 2000's. As you can see the plan at present is to run to a reverse loop but this could be changed to a fiddle yard or even a helix up/down to storage sidings or another level with another WSR station on it, say Bishop's Lydeard.

Before going any further I have to point out that I have two serious problems! Firstly my age, 83 in January 2015! Secondly unless I win the lottery, there is no way I could afford such a project. I calculate that at current prices the track and basic rolling stock would be in the region of £1,000 and then there would be all the additional costs of electricals (would have to be DCC of course) , Scenery, baseboards etc. So it seems pretty unlikely that this little project will ever come to fruition. Pity !!!

Station Plan
Official Plan

Station Building
Station Building (Courtesy Google Streetview)

The Crossing
Seaward Way Level Crossing (Courtesy Google Streetview)