n.e.r. - newood east railway

So here we are at the end of 2014. Regrettably I haven't updated this section of my website until now so there is much information missing. Referring back to the previous page (page 4) I was working on a fairly convential fiddle yard with a turntable at the end. This proved to be a little troublesome and I then decided I would rather turn the fiddle yard into a reverse loop. After some research I found a circuit that enables one to reverse the polarity of the loop without a short circuit, built the baseboard and laid the track as per the following photo...

This is the initial arrangement, the intention was to perhaps double the track and use one track as a type of fiddle yard. Owing to rather tight radius this seemed rather impractical. I then had a flash of inspiration, as you do!. and I came up with the following solution...

Above is the original branch terminus layout. I realized that there was a lot of spare space at the back of this station. I shortened the headshunt (top centre) .Realigned the approach track slightly, and added a new turnout right next to the baseboard join (No.8 below). This then allowed me to add three sidings along the back of the baseboard. Here's the revised layout. Note: hidden tracks are shown dotted

You will note that I also realigned the short spur inside the reverse loop, this is now a small country station. (picture follows) Also note that there is a retaining wall (shown in Brown above) This hides the sidings in other words the fiddle yard. (pictures below)

At the left is the normal operating view of the retaining wall hiding the fiddle yard, at the right the higher view which enables the operator to locate locomotive and train for decoupling

The partially finished country station. Just "roughed in" for now to adjust various alignments etc. The station building is from Scalescenes about which more later.

The above picture shows an overall view of the "Western " end of the layout and there are number of points of interest to describe.  
At the right is part of the retaining wall hiding the fiddle yard. This is Scalescenes Retaining Wall  kit.The wall just beyond the exit under the girder is the Scalescenes Low Relief Arches kit. The low relief house back are from Metcalfe Models kits. The signal box is a Ratio(Peco) product. The unfinished low relief small terraced houses are another Scalescenes product.

The streetscene along the back is as yet unfinished and pending decisions as to it's exact layout. The street surface conprises 1/8" white painted hardboard and is removable to permit maintenance of the fiddle yard beneath.

I've done quite a lot of work on the Newood town centre, it now includes the Metcalfe low relief buildings from the previous N.E.R. and a couple of additional low relief shops from the Scalescenes range, namely The Low Relief  High Street. There are also a couple of Metcalfe kits in there as well.

Newood Town Centre

I'm a great fan of the Scalescenes kits and have built or am building a number of them over the past year or so . Here's a selection..

Church and custom interior.

Goods Shed and Loco Shed

Branch Station and Main Station Building at Newood

Eastern end of Layout

Looking East, the house backs on top of the retaining walls are from Metcalfe kits. Retaining walls and Arches from Scalescenes, signal boxes from Ratio. The next job is to generally "tidy up" and detail everything. I'm working on the street scene above the fiddle yard and I'm looking at building some Scalescenes low relief house backs to augment the already built Metcalfe models. The two Metcalfe cottages seen above are going to the village scene which will be completed above the reverse loop along with the Church.

Village Scene
Village area above the reverse loop, plus small station in foreground

Here are a couple of YouTube links to recent short videos...


These videos were shot using my IPod Touch which produces a reasonable High Definition video. Sadly I don't posses a decent camcorder, the only one I have is low definition and only useful for holiday videos and such like.