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April 2012

Wow!!! Is it really 3 years since I wrote the previous section.? Unbelievable!! Here's the ultimate "Fiddle yard" solution. An automatic reverse loop with a spur siding for DMUs and/or Push pull consists. This has now been wired using a home made bridge rectifier which allows trains to run right round and for the reversing switch to be changed whilst the train is in the loop.

The Automatic reversing loop

Last Quarter 2014

Since the above picture was taken (over two years ago!) there has been a good deal of progress.

First of all I made some track layout changes to incorporate a 3 track fiddle yard along the back of the station yard and also to re-align the so called spur siding.

The turnout No.8 above has been added to give access to the fiddle yard. These tracks are largely hidden behind a retaining wall and with a proposed road scene above. The road finishes at the baseboard join and the tracks are open to the "sky" as if in a cutting, this allows me to "spot" trains for uncoupling and running around. I can accommodate two trains and still allow a run-round although train lengths are somewhat limited. The "open portion of the fiddle yard is not visible from a normal viewing angle but can easily been seen by leaning forward. Below are some photos of the area involved. The street scene above the retaining wall is not yet completed.

The working view of the fiddle yard (behind the retaining wall)
High level view of fiddle yard (to enable uncoupling) 
The small branch line station (compare with view of Automatic reverse loop above)
This is Newood town centre, virtually complete.  

The retaining walls, station buildings, some of the town centre buildings, the loco shed and the goods shed etc. are all constructed using Scalescenes downloaded "kits" . These are really excellent models, extremely well thought out and they make up into very robust models. Other buildings are from Metcalfe and Ratio  Here are some more examples that I've made or that I'm in the process of making.

Loco Shed 
Goods Shed 
Newood Station Building 
Scalescenes Church 
Church Interior
A row of scalescenes small terraced houses under contruction. (Built as low relief)

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