- Illustration: Kevin Haegele, POLICE art director

Illustration: Kevin Haegele, POLICE art director

POLICE's coverage of the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic plus useful resources, all in one place. We will be updating this page as we add new COVID-19 content.

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How To Protect Yourself from COVID-19 Infection

Coronavirus, Infectious Disease, and Officer Safety

Agencies Cleaning Police Vehicles to Kill Coronavirus

General Resources:



Televised "Living Room" Concert to Benefit First Responders Children's Foundation

Berlin Police Beg Public to Stop Calling With Dumb Coronavirus Questions

CA Police Find Surplus Masks, Donate Them to Hospitals

Officer Down Memorial Ride Postponed, Police Week 5K Virtual

Michigan Sheriff's Commander Dies of Coronavirus

New Jersey Officers Give Away 300 Pizzas to Needy Families

Starbucks Offers Free Coffee to First Responders, Healthcare Workers

FBI Says Man Killed in Shootout Wanted to Bomb Hospital Over Coronavirus

Miami Officers Shop for Seniors Vulnerable to Coronavirus

Detroit Captain Dies from Coronavirus

Crime Drops 25% in New York City During Coronavirus Shutdown

California Sheriff Rescinds Order to Close Gun Stores as Non-Essential Businesses

Los Angeles County Releases 1,700 Inmates to Slow Coronavirus in Jails

NC ADA Feeding Families in Need During Coronavirus Outbreak

Chicago Coronavirus Testing for First Responders Reaches Daily Limit in 4 Hours

Detroit Dispatcher Dies After Contracting Coronavirus

2,400 NYPD Personnel Have Called in Sick During Coronavirus Crisis

FEMA Sets Up Coronavirus Rumor Control Website

South Carolina Governor Authorizes Law Enforcement to Break Up Groups of More Than 3 People

70 NYPD Officers Have Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus

Oregon Man Arrested for Theft of N95 Masks

LAPD Officers Told to Expect 12-Hour Shifts Because of Coronavirus

White Supremacists Want to Attack Officers with Coronavirus, FBI Says

Portland Chief Bars Roll Calls and Classroom Training Over Coronavirus

2 New Jersey Officers in Serious Condition with Coronavirus

Chicago Officers Ordered to Work Despite Possible Exposure to COVID-19

Alabama Officers Help Truckers Buy Drive-Through Fast Food

Ohio Police Shutter Bar that Refused to Close Over Coronavirus Order

Police Week Candlelight Vigil Canceled Over Coronavirus,  Names of Fallen to be Read During Virtual Event

COPS Office Fiscal Year 2020 Grant Solicitation Deadlines Extended

Florida Police Enforcing COVID-19 Distancing Rules on Beaches

Philadelphia Police Delaying Nonviolent Crime Arrests as Officer Safety Measure

Kentucky Deputies Enforce Quarantine on Man who Refused to Self Isolate

Coronavirus Delays Texas Execution

Pandemic Delays Funeral for Slain Philadelphia SWAT Officer

LAPD Detectives Moved to Patrol During Coronavirus Crisis

Maryland Police Ready to Arrest People who Defy Governor's Coronavirus Orders

South Carolina Department Announces Measures to Mitigate Officer Exposure to COVID-19

Federal Prisons Suspend Visitations to Inmates Due to Coronavirus

2 Colorado Agencies Limit Services Due to COVID-19

San Francisco Public Defender Asks Police to Halt Arrests Amid Coronavirus Fears

Annual ILEETA Conference Postponed Until August

Pennsylvania Officer Reportedly Diagnosed with Coronavirus

LAPD Receiving Guidelines and Gear to Protect Against Coronavirus

Wisconsin Department "Cancels Crime" Due to Coronavirus Concerns

5 NYPD Officers Quarantine Themselves on Suspicion of Coronavirus Exposure

5 Dallas Officers Sent Home After Possible Exposure to Coronavirus