Steinel Ammunition's new 9mm 124 gr. Subcompact Carry SCHP round - Photo: Steinel Ammunition Co.

特黄特色的大片观看免费视频Steinel Ammunition's new 9mm 124 gr. Subcompact Carry SCHP round

特黄特色的大片观看免费视频Photo: Steinel Ammunition Co.

, a manufacturer of self-defense, hunting, and target ammunition, has launched its first-of-its-kind premium defensive ammo for the 9mm with the 9mm 124-grain Subcompact Carry Solid Copper Hollow Point (SCHP).

特黄特色的大片观看免费视频"This 9mm Subcompact Carry round is our first mainstream round we've added to our product line-up," Andy Steinel, president of Steinel Ammunition, explained. "Although we have come to be known for our premium MILSurp rounds, we figured, even though we all love to go to the range and shoot these amazing classic firearms, we also carry defensive firearms every day. So why shouldn't we have the same quality ammunition in our EDC as we do in our fine military collectibles?"

特黄特色的大片观看免费视频The Steinel 9mm Subcompact Carry load is perfectly suitable for any 9mm, regardless of barrel length, but its performance is optimized for the shorter, subcompact and compact-sized pistols, the company says. Taking the standard "cup and core" jacketed hollow point typically used in 9mm rounds for decades, Steinel Ammunition added modern CNC and EDM technology to produce their premium SCHP bullet.

特黄特色的大片观看免费视频Steinel Ammunition's 9mm Subcompact Carry bullets combine premium components such as Maker Solid Copper Hollow Point bullets, new Starline nickel-plated casings, Hodgdon powder, and CCI's primers. The bullets expand to a diameter of 0.706" when fired from a 3" barrel at 960 FPS. Fired from a 4.7" barrel, the bullet expanded to a diameter of .857" with 1,050 FPS velocity.

Steinel Ammunition's new 9mm 124 gr. Subcompact Carry SCHP round is available for $19.99 for a box of 20 rounds.

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